Frequently asked questions

?Do you accept cash, or Interac?
We accept either Cash , or Credit Card payments. We process CC payments using square, which currently only accepts transactions through Visa/Mastercard. For more information on the security features of this service, please visit:
?I want to be a groomer
Dogounes is looking to expand in the near future. If you would like to join our team, please use the contact page of this website to get in touch with us ,or simply email
?Are there pets that you will not groom?
Yes. The first step in our grooming process is to assess your pet, and determine if they are fit for grooming. Pets who are sick, or unhealthy may not be able to handle the stress of a grooming. In these rare cases, we will kindly point you towards a qualified veterinarian , and you will not be charged for your visit.
?My dog usually hates being groomed. Do you accept difficult dogs?
Yes! Not all dogs or cats enjoy the grooming experience, but Dogounes have experienced employees who are patient, passionate and extremely calm and the dogs and cats will feel that comfort.
?My dog is old, should I still get him/her groomed?
Regardless of the age, a full grooming will be serviced all depending on the state and health of your dog. If your dog is healthy, then the green light is on.
?Where do you do the groomings?
Although this is up to you , we strongly suggest grooming in your washroom. We need access to an electrical outlet, and a bath if those services are required.
?What do I do if my question isn't answered here?
Email us at , or through the contact form on this site , and we'll get back to you ASAP!